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  • How many companies are working for Doppelmayr in Vorarlberg?
  • When was Getzner Textil AG founded?
  • Which part of Vorarlberg is home to the most leading companies?
  • How many subsidiaries are operated by Rauch Fruit Juices in other countries than Austria?


Answers to these and other questions can be found at the platform Vorarlberg’s leading companies.

The Industry section of Vorarlberg’s Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg) is offering a new and modern presentation of the region’s leading companies and wants to draw attention to the successful firms.

With few clicks users can get informed about the size of the companies, their products, employees, suppliers and career chances. External links additionally offer access to videos, special websites for apprentices and more details.


The platform can be downloaded as App from all regular App Stores free of charge and is available for iOS and Android. A web version is also available at


Michael Amann, CEO of the branch Industry, highlights the benefits of the platform in this interview with LändleTV.


The platform includes production companies, who generate an annual turnover of 10 million euros at least and have a staff of 100 employees at least. That includes companies of the electronic, wood, plastics, food, metal, paper, textile and packaging industry.

The platform was developed by the start-up BoehlerBrothers GmbH (Appwerkstatt Schwarzach).


Questions concerning the app or the companies involved can be directed to project manager Stefan Niederer ( of the branch Industry.


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