The Austrian Institute of Statistics (Statistics Austria) has very recently published the new external trade balance of 2017, which contains great news for Vorarlberg. For the first time, the region’s volume of exported goods and services has surpassed the milestone of 10bn euros.

The favourable impression amplifies when taking long-term development into account. In 2003, the region’s companies exported goods and services with an overall amount of 5bn euros. Hence, this key figure has doubled since. Furthermore, the region’s export volume has (apart from 2009) increased every single year since 2000. The swift recovery following the global recession (years 2010 to 2013) indicates a general positive state and stability of the region’s economy, which is attributable to its high innovative strength.

Clearly, Vorarlberg has achieved extraordinary economic results. The region’s success highly hinges on its people. Professionals in Vorarlberg often find employment in companies that are selling their innovative products worldwide. The exposure to and success in international markets is a vital motivational factor for employees and leads to a high level of personal fulfilment.

Vorarlberg is a region of opportunities in which exporters offer professionals ideal prerequisites for an international career.

Anton Herburger is student at the St. Mary’s University in London and completed an internship at the Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH (WISTO) from June to July 2018 and from July to August 2019.

He is interested in his country of origin Vorarlberg – a region of opportunities, its background stories, management, economies, prosperity and progress.

©Marcel Hagen für CHANCENLAND VORARLBERG bei Gebrüder Weiss

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