23.-26.01.2020 | AGENTCONF

THE INTERNATIONAL EVENT FOR CODING INSPIRATION The AgentConf is all about inspiration, engineering and friendship. The particular format – two days of talks in Dornbirn and two days skiing in Lech, Austria – make the event so special. The AgentConf takes...

From China via Finland to Vorarlberg

Ruijie Ban is working as an Online Operations Specialist at the Wolford headquarter in Bregenz. After moving here for her job – without ever having been to Vorarlberg or having studied German before – she managed to find her way around, a flat and some...

Insights of an expat

Lilla Fésüs, Lilly, Hungarian, has lived in Vorarlberg for 3 years and has worked for Fusonic in Götzis for 19 months. In an interview, she tells us about her career, her way from Budapest via Vienna to Vorarlberg, her work at Fusonic and her life as an expat in...

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