Brauerei Fohrenburger GmbH & Co KG

29 Mio €
Beer and soft drinks
  • Food and Beverages
Dagmar Walter
Fohrenburgstraße 5
6700 Bludenz
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  • Fohrenburg Brewery - Legendary since 1881
  • The basic philosophy of the Fohrenburg Brewery is characterised by the idea of quality. State-of-the-art brewing techniques, the highest hygiene standards and highly qualified employees guarantee consistent freshness and top quality.
  • Since 2018 the Fohrenburg Brewery has met the requirements for producing and bottling organic/ecological products. The result: our master brewer HOFBIER is the first of its kind, because it is brewed 100% with the best organic brewing barley from farms in Voarlberg. Simply legendary!
  • For years, Fohrenburger has enjoyed numerous DLG medals for beer specialities such as Jubiläum, Stiftle, Märzen, wheat, non-alcoholic wheat and Braumeister beers, which underline the product quality.
  • Fohrenburg is the only brewery in Vorarlberg to produce its own non-alcoholic wheat and regular wheat beer.
  • Fohrenburg has been exporting the legendary beer to Italy since 1984.
  • In 2016 Fohrenburg merged with the beverage distributor s'Fäscht in order to be able to offer its partners a full range of drinks, food and fixed inventory, etc.
Working Areas
  • Chemicals & Food Technology
  • Other Jobs
  • Other technical Jobs
  • Production Technology
Career Chances
  • Apprenticeship

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