Danzer Holding AG

210 Mio €
Decorative Sliced Wood and Sawn Hardwood
  • Construction and Crafts
  • Miscellaneous
Gerold Hasel
Hintere Achmühlerstr. 1
6850 Dornbirn
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Danzer is the largest producer of decorative sliced wood worldwide and one of the largest producers of sawn hardwood in North America. Danzer's headquarters is located in Dornbirn, Austria. Approximately 1,600 employees work for Danzer worldwide.
  • Danzer customers are wood distributors and manufacturers of furniture, panels, doors, hardwood flooring, window frames, automotive trim parts and other products who turn the material into practical and beautiful goods for end users.
  • Danzer owns and manages forests for future generations and produces sliced veneer, lumber and innovative value-added wood products for decorative applications in high-quality furniture, automobiles, and interior architecture.
  • Founded in 1932, the family oriented company is managed by a member of the third generation.
Working Areas
  • Economics & Finance
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Other Jobs
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
Career Chances
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  • Internship
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