Digibon Österreich Datentechnik GmbH

Digital lunch vouchers
  • Information Technology
Mario Barfus
Steinebach 13
6850 Dornbirn
Applications please
Digibon Austria develops electronical lunch vouchers in the form of chip cards, that can be used like credit cards. Employees can pay their lunch with the lunchbonCard in their favorite restaurants, and the data is automatically accounted with their employer. About 80 Austrian companies and institutions use the technology already. The lunchbonCard can be used in every restaurant that accepts credit cards. This technology simplifies lunch support for employees by a lot.
  • Clients are e. g. Vorarlberg's State Government and its chamber of commerce as well as the companies Doppelmayr, Blum, Alpla among others.
  • For Canteens the company offers Digilunch - a system that optimizes processes, beginning from ordering food to billing the lunch at the pay slip.
  • Also for Child Care Institutions Digibon offers electronical billing systems.
Working Areas
  • Information Technology

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