ENJO International GmbH

8 Mio €
Cleaning Products
  • Textile Industry
Daniela Böhler
Achstraße 40
6844 Altach
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ENJO produces a special kind of textile fibre (ENJOtex fibre), that enables deep pore cleaning with water only (no cleanser needed). The fibre consists of microscopic small fibre tracts, that reach the smallest pores of the surface and extracts dirt particles and bacteria - comparable to a magnet. ENJO's cleaning products are used in househoulds, industries, for skin care and more.
  • The used textiles are produced in Vorarlberg and almost all raw materials are sourced regionally.
  • 70 % export quote is shown by the company. Its core markets include Austria, Australia, Canada and Scandinavia.
  • 2,600 sales people in 26 countries sell ENJO products worldwide.
  • Its affiliate Danardo has developed a wound tissue, that is able to clean fresh wounds easily without pain.
  • The new product portfolio even has a color indicator, that shows the life cycle of the product. ENJO products should be replaced every 3 years - depending on its use.
  • ENJO works 100 % clima neutral.
Working Areas
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Textile

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