Friedrich Kaiser GmbH

Candies, Distribution Quality Products
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Christian Brusvida
Scheffelstraße 12
6900 Bregenz
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According to the motto "new quality brands for the Austrian market", Friedrich Kaiser GmbH Bregenz, in addition to its own candy brand, also sells selected quality products from other product ranges of domestic and european producers. The master confectioner Kaiser himself looks back on more than 130 years of successful confectionery trade. This makes the company the oldest active candy brand in German-speaking food retail and one of the two most successful brands in the cough drop segment in Austria.
  • The Bregenz site is responsible for international brand management, product distribution in the Austrian retail sector and general brand sales activities.
  • As a proven cough drop brand in Austria, the product range currently comprises 14 different varieties.
  • In addition to traditional cough sweets and sugar-free varieties, Kaiser is a specialist for filled candy creations - with liquid honey, fine fruit pulp or herbs and oils.
  • The Brust Caramellen are the oldest product and have existed since the company was founded in 1889.
  • In cooperation with Pfanner Fruchtsäfte, a beverage manufacturer from Vorarlberg known for its IceTea brand, Kaiser has also developed innovative candies with an iced tea flavour.
  • In addition to Germany, another important market, the sweets are also exported to Portugal, Greece, Canada and the Baltic States.
Additional Information
  • Updated brand distribution products and partners:
  • SABA (AT) and Speyer & Grund (DE) | brands SABA and SURIG | vinegar, table vinegar, balsamic, vinegar essence
  • Staud's (AT) | brand Staud's | premium jam and pickles
  • Aromatica (IT) | brand Aromatica | premium Antipasti autentici
  • Bischofberger (CH) | brand Bärli-Biber | honey-almond-hazelnut cake“
  • (called „Original Biber“)
  • EMA (DE) | brand Casa del Pane | Grisetti
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  • Marketing & Sales
  • Product Management
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