Hefel Textil AG

  • Textile Industry
Schwarzach-Tobelstraße 17 P.O. Box 99
6858 Schwarzach
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Hefel Textil is one of Europe"s most successful bedding manufacturers. The company produces high quality blankets, pillows, under blankets and bed linen - all of it in Austria only -, and is especially leading in the field of natural products. Innovative products such as the angi-aging pillow, that reduces sleep wrinkles and raises the oxygen uptake, or Swiss pine blankets show the company's competitivness.
  • HEFEL Textil is a family-owned company, that is very socially engaged and acts sustainably in all divisions.
  • Intensive Research and Development leads to new trends annually, which makes HEFEL Textil one of the most innovative bedding manufacturers in Europe.
  • HEFEL Textil is official partner of the Austrian Ski Team.
  • 50 % of its turnover is earned abroad - in more than 50 countries worldwide. The most important markets include Germany, Switzerland, Italy and US.
  • HEFEL Textil sells its product via retailers.
Working Areas
  • Mechatronics
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  • Other technical Jobs
  • Production Technology
  • Quality Management
  • Textile

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