iPEK Spezial TV GmbH

Camera Systems and Inspection Vehicles
  • Electrical Industry
Claudia Joechle
Dürenbodenstraße 7
6992 Hirschegg
Applications please
iPEK develops and produces camera systems (crawlers) for sewage and pipeline inspection. All over the world iPEK TV-systems are used in places where humans are unable to directly view. The crawlers have won the acclaim of inspection professionals worldwide. About 500 camera systems are developed, produced and supplied around the globe.
  • iPEK is part of the very successfull US-based company iDEX Corporation and, besides its headquarters in Hirschegg (Vorarlberg) also has as branch in Sulzberg (Germany).
  • The company is one of the most expanding firms in the field of CCTV systems and is present in more than 50 countries worldwide.
  • Innovative crawlers, push cameras, control panels are being developed and sold.
Working Areas
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Hardware Development
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Physics & Photonics

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