Lingenhöle Technologies GmbH

  • Metal and Machinery
Klaus Lingenhöle
Runastraße 110
6800 Feldkirch
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Lingenhöle Technologies manufactures steel according to customer's requirements concerning its form (CNC turning, milling, grinding etc.) and its surface (nitriding, annealing, vacuum hardening etc.). The latter are summarized under the name heat treatment, which are processes in order to optimize steel in its hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and more. Additionally Lingenhöle is specialist in the construction of pelton turbines for water power plants.
  • 1,000 tons of steel are being manufactured by Lingenhöle annually for customers such as Liebherr, Alpla, Doppelmayr, Dornier, ThyssenKrupp, MAN and GRASS.
  • 65 % of its turnover is earned with international clients.
  • The company is seen as technology pioneer by expert groups and has developed a new nitriding process together with the R&D team of V-Research, that raises wear resistance and durability of tools by 80 % .
Working Areas
  • Mechanical Engineering
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