Meier Verpackungen GmbH

40 Mio €
Packaging Solutions
  • Food and Beverages
  • Plastics Industry
Claus Hertnagel
Diepoldsauer Straße 37
6845 Hohenems
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Meier Verpackungen is an innovative trading enterprise, that is specialised in food and mail-order packaging. The distribution center is located in Hohenems (Vorarlberg), whereas the central stock is settled near Graz (Styria). The extensive product portfolio of the company includes cartons, bowls, labels, bags, bakeware moulds, vacuum bags and many more.
  • The company offers packaging for meat and sausages, cheese and diary products, sweets, coffee, bread and baked goods, fruits and vegetables and a lot more.
  • Clients of Meier include large industry corporations as well as small and medium sized companies, such as Spar, Vorarlberg Milch, Latella, Ja Natürlich, Schärdinger and others.
  • The company is an 100 % affiliate of the international wholesale and logistics corporation Bunzl plc in London.
  • The affiliation to Bunzl brings new market chances for the company and strenghtens its awareness. New markets will be developed by and by.
Working Areas
  • Economics & Finance
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Other Jobs
  • Product Management

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