Mevo Metzler GmbH

16 Mio €
Metal Clothes Hanger
  • Metal and Machinery
  • Plastics Industry
Clemens Metzler
Sandgrube 544
6867 Schwarzenberg
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Mevo Metzler is a manufacturer of items for cleaning and laundry services (metal clothes hangers, plastic films for packaging, paper products...) and is the sole supplier of large laundry shops. The company is a leading producer of wooden and metal clothes hanger and distributes 360 Mio. hangers each year. With continuous product innovations, production improvements and market knowledge the company succeeds chinese low-cost providers regularly.
  • The company operates production facilities in Schnepfau, Schwarzenberg and Bersbuch (all in Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg).
  • But Mevo works at expanding to Canada, US and South America continously.
  • In 2016 the company has taken over a production plant in Cincinnati (Ohio, US).
  • The development of returnable hangers is very successful, especiall in the Canadian market.
  • In 2008 Mevo opened Europe's leading edge hanger production plant in Bersbuch (Vorarlberg). More than 2,000 tons of wire rod are stored here and later formed to hangers with 1,80 and 3,00 mm diameter.
  • 52 different kinds of hangers are produced in 13 different diameters.
  • With the products MevoRainbow, MevoLack, MevoStruthanger is it possible for Mevo to delivery the hangers over the whole world.
  • The laundy service organisations MEPUR and WTV Wäscherei a subsidiary of Mevo Metzler. To save the environment, a photovolatics was build up at the roof of the plant Bersbuch. The constructed area is 1500m² big and productes 50% of our energy demand.
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