MGT - Mayer Glastechnik GmbH

19 Mio €
Glas Treatment
  • Construction and Crafts
Herr Jäger
Am Breiten Wasen 17
6800 Feldkirch
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MGT produces and installs high-end insulating glas in all kinds of forms and therefore realises esthetic buildings with high energy standards. The company offers highest quality glas that protects from ultraviolet rays, heat and sun and offers highest insulating values. The company processes up to 50 tons of glas material daily, e.g. for facades, window fronts, showers, kitchens, partition walls, doors and more.
  • MGT has realised the facades of event ship Sonnenkönigin and the concert hall in Bamberg, which both require high UV and sun protection,insulation and temperature control.
  • MGT supported the Active Energy Building of architect Anton Falkeis in Liechtenstein with high quality glazing and demanding photovoltaik modules. The unique building with plus energy balance is a pioneer in climate and energy efficiency.
  • The laminated safety glas protecC® is available in all different colours and can be used as colorful highlight on buildings and in interior.
  • The subsidiary MGT-esys produces building-integrated photovoltaic modules with a silicium cell of only 0.2 millimeter thickness, that procuces energy. This can be integrated in glass facades for example.
Working Areas
  • Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Construction
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Other Jobs
  • Other technical Jobs

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