NetTechnix E&P GmbH

Embedded Engineering
  • Electrical Industry
  • Information Technology
Thomas Grebenz
Leusbündtweg 49a
6800 Feldkirch
Applications please
NetTechnix is specialist in engineering field bus systems, embedded hardware as well as embedded software and creates intelligent solutions for industrial communications, e. g. for the client VAT. With its Master Communicator NetTechnix offers an universal tool for all common industrial communication systems, that can be used with identical software and hardware mobile and stationary. Practice in different SPS systems is no longer needed.
  • Since there are different established feldbus and RTE system providers, it is difficult to make the right decision and device manufacturer have to offer different solutions in order to fulfuil the customer's requirements. NetTechnix facilitates this challenge with its core competences.
  • NetTechnix provides extensive knowledge in the communication systems of leading providers. It can implement based on modules or chips as well as via feldbus-stack as source code.
  • Hardware and software solutions with focus on feldbus / real-time ethernet systems are primarily programmed in C.
  • Test and analytic software for automation systems in combination with the relevant hardware devices is primarily done in C#.
  • Since 2014 the company is official partner of Hilscher for netX-Design.
Working Areas
  • Hardware Development
  • Information Technology
  • Software Development & -testing

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