PowerUnits Leistungselektronik GmbH

Power Supplies
  • Electrical Industry
Herbert Sinz
Millennium Park 5
6890 Lustenau
Applications please
PowerUnits develops highly efficient electronic power ballasts, provides solutions for power supplies, realises custom development and manufactures tailored inductive components. The electronic ballast of PowerUnits are used for industrial uv applications and saves up to 50 % of energy costs for the clients. The clients also profits from a higher durability and higher quality of the products. The special technology of the company takes over less efficiant and less sustainable transformer solutions.
  • PowerUnits devices cover a wide range (500 W to 27 kW) and can be used for various industrial applications.
  • UV light is industrially used e.g. for the drying of paints or coatings or for water preparation (disinfection)
  • In the year 2012 the company was honored with the Innovation Award of the state's government
unfilled vacancies
Working Areas
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Hardware Development

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