Sapa Extrusion Nenzing GmbH (ehem. Hydro Aluminium)

214 Mio €
Aluminium Profiles and Components
  • Metal and Machinery
Verena Geuze
Austraße 16
6710 Nenzing
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Hydro is a global supplier of aluminium and is known for high quality products and innovative applications. In its plant in Nenzing the company annually produces 42,000 tons of aluminium profiles with 3 presses, which are then used for the production of goods.
  • Hydro Nenzing is part of the Norwegian Hydro Group, that employs 22,800 employees in 40 countries.
  • The company operates the world\\\'s most leading edge aluminium press.
  • The aluminium used is also bought from the Vorarlberg company Speedline, who operates the most leading edge and efficiant remelting plants for secondary aluminium in Europe.
  • Hydro and the Vorarlberg company Getzner Werkstoffe combined their respective material expertise to develop the lightweight and thin-walled floors, which work to maximize the reduction in noise levels and mitigate vibrations. Sapa’s aluminium extrusions provide the elastic bearing in the floor construction, and the polyurethane core Sylomer® prevents vibration transfer from the car body inside the rail car cabin.
  • Hydro Nenzing is part of the Norwegian Hydro corporation with 35,000 employees worldwide. It is the world\'s only company in this branch, that covers the whole aluminium supply chain and serves all markets.
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