Sigg GmbH & Co KG

Solid Wood Windows and Doors
  • Construction and Crafts
Hubert Sigg
Allgäustraße 155
6912 Hörbranz
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The joinery Sigg is specialised in innovative windows and doors for passive houses as well as high quality fire resistant doors and windows. The products are entirely made out of solid wood from Vorarlberg and does not need any additional insolting materials.
  • The company operates in whole Europe and sells 50 % of its products abroad.
  • 3,000 windows are produces annually by Sigg.
  • So far fire resistant doors and windows have been made out of hard wood (oak or larch), but Sigg has developed a way to make them out of pruce and pine (soft woods) without any restrictions. Since then, these windows have been in high demand by architects and home builders for their looks.
  • Fire resistant windows can be relevant for offices, production halls, garages or espace routes.
  • 90 % of the materials and eqiupment for the windows comes from the region. The company minds sustainablity and regionality.
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