VIVIT Molekularbiologisches Labor

Biomedical research of vascular diseases and cancer
Feldkirch und Dornbirn
  • Medical Engineering
  • Miscellaneous
Axel Mündlein
CAMPUS V, Stadtstraße 33
6850 Feldkirch und Dornbirn
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The Vorarlberg Institute for Vascular Investigation and Treatment (VIVIT) is a biomedical-clinical research institute and is specialised in the investigation and treatment of cardiometabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus or atherosclerosis. Furthermore, the institute investigates nephrological diseases and cancer. The clinical part of VIVIT is located at the academic teaching hospital Feldkirch; its molecular laboratory is located in Dornbirn at the Campus V.
  • More than 250 articles by VIVIT researchers have already been published in science journals and about 1,200 conference contributions provided.
  • The research areas also include diabetes, heart diseases, nutrition and movement, fat metabolism etc.
  • Founded in the year 1997 by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Heinz Drexel the VIVIT is today organised as non-profit association.
  • The VIVIT Institute is located at Landeskrankenhaus Feldkirch and its molecular biological institute is settled at CAMPUS V in Dornbirn.
  • The team of VIVIT consists of 20 life science specialists, that unite their knowledge in the fields of medicine and natural sciences and work interdisciplinary in fields like cardiology, nephrology, oncology, genetics, molecular biology and diabetology.
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