Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH

Free Consulting and Support for Companies
  • Miscellaneous
Alexandra Giesinger
Hintere Achmühlerstraße 1
6850 Dornbirn
Applications please
  • Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH (WISTO) is a service organisation that aims at strengthening the innovation and economic dynamics in the region of Vorarlberg.
  • We support companies and entrepreneurs when it comes to R&D, Innovation, Business Formation, Business Settlement, Cooperative Projects, and more.
  • We offer information, consulting and orientation in the following fields:
  • Grants
  • Expansion
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Technology Transfer
  • Business Founding
  • Business Settlement
  • Regional Development
  • Chancenland Vorarlberg
  • v-start
  • With our extensive networks and longstanding experience we can provide a valuable support for your innovation project. Either we act as sparring partner when filing for funding, when developing your business plan as entrepreneur or when looking for qualified cooperation partners.
Working Areas
  • Economics & Finance
  • Project Management
Career Chances
  • Summer Job

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