ZIMM Maschinenelemente GmbH & Co KG

23 Mio €
Screw Jack Systems
  • Environmental/Energy Technology
  • Metal and Machinery
Akan Celik, MAS Kaufm. Geschäftsführer/HR Manager
Millennium Park 3
6890 Lustenau
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ZIMM GmbH is an international, family-owned enterprise specialising in the development, manufacture and sale of screw jacks and drive elements. Company headquarters are in Lustenau, Vorarlberg (Austria). ZIMM has an international distribution network with its own sales force in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and USA and international sales partners.
  • Products of ZIMM are used in the plants of the world's largest flat screen producer in Korea (Samsung, LG) as well as in assembling plants of most automotive producers, in bakery machines, in the production facilities of Swarovski and other locations.
  • The company is familiy owned and very innovative. More than 10 % of ZIMM employees work in R&D.
  • 81 % of the produced goods are sold abroad (in 40 countries worldwide). This high export ratio stands for the high degree of internationality of the company.
  • 2016 ZIMM has opened an affiliate in Chicago (US).
  • 20 apprentices in 7 different professions.
Working Areas
  • Environmental Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Other technical Jobs
Career Chances
  • Apprenticeship
  • Project or Thesis
  • Summer Job

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