Vorarlberg is Austrias most industrialized and innovative state. With direct borders to Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein Vorarlberg offers great international career opportunities as well as a huge variety of sport and leisure activities.

Due to its fast economic growth, Vorarlberg‘s companies are looking for ambitious work force.

Start your career at one of the international market leaders and enjoy best living conditions in the beautiful Alps.


Periodically we organise recruiting or networking events in Ljubljana, visit career fairs in Slovenia and publish jobs especially for Slovenian applicants. Visit this site regularly to be informed about upcoming events.


  • There are currently no open positions especially for Slovenian applicants.
  • If you are interested in a job in Vorarlberg, please click on JOB SEARCH to see all open positions for MINT graduates in Vorarlberg.


Click on the job for more information about the position, required skills and the company.

All jobs are from Vorarlberg based companies and require fluency in German and English.


Working in Vorarlberg offers great advantages

  • successful companies, that are leading in international markets with innovative products and services
  • a high variety of branches, so you can chose your career in different ways
  • modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies
  • a high wage level and 14 salaries annually
  • a high quality of life and amazing sports possibility
  • an ambitious work environment
  • high standards in health and education system
  • study for free at Vorarlbergs University of Applied Sciences (Master Programmes in Mechatronics, IT or Energy Technology)


See LIVE HERE to get additional facts about the region and COMPANIES to learn more about its successful companies.

Or download our “Living and Working in Vorarlberg” brochure. It informs about working conditions, insurances, registration and a lot more.

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