Vorarlberg has the world’s highest density of wooden houses and is a role model for high class architecture and high quality construction in Europe.

Nowhere else in the world is there so much construction activity and such a high concentration of unparalleled contemporary architecture as in Vorarlberg. Countless publications around the globe and the continuously growing architectural tourism industry bear witness to the region’s special relationship with architecture and the creative use of wood. Developments over the last 40 years have brought with them a concentration of architecturally beautiful everyday buildings that cannot be overlooked.

More Information about Vorarlbergs architecture can be found at www.v-a-i.at. The Vorarlberg Architecture Institue (vai) is the region’s platform for events, projects and details about architecture. At its location in Dornbirn one can browse through the history of architecture in Vorarlberg and attend exhibitions and workshops.

The architectural duo Kaufmann | Rüf have been awarded with an amazing honour in July 2008. They were selected as one of five architect’s offices from around the world to present their work at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York. 800,000 visitors were impressed by System3, an economically and ecologically sustainable modular house that represents the future of prefabricated homes. The construction quality and the futuristic, yet functional design fascinated both the jury and the visitors.

Photo © Darko Todorovic für Vorarlberg Tourismus, Markus Götsch, Adolf Bereuter für Bregenzerwald Tourismus

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