Master Thesis Audio-Video-Quality-Checker

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Bernadette Herburger
Oberes Ried 14
6833 Klaus
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  • Cynap from WolfVision is “best in class” product as a centerpiece of modern audio- video-installations regarding its features, stability as well as quality. This also implies, that medias played on the Cynap need to have top quality on the output sources (HDMI, USB, Network, …). Top quality means in this context: low latency, best resolution (4k) and color
  • trueness, now flickering, Audio- and Video-Synchronicity. To assure the needed quality, a lot of parameters need to be checked after each change of components influencing the playback of medias (e.g., GStreamer, Kernel Updates, driver Updates, …). This is a very time-consuming task if done manually.
  • Mission: Build a system which can “assess” the quality of replayed medias on the Cynap regarding different quality parameters (e.g., latency, image quality, synchronicity of Audio- and Video).

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