All you have to know about moving to Vorarlberg and starting your new life, we have summarised in one small brochure.

Learn About

  • where to register in Vorarlberg
  • how to get around
  • how to find a flat
  • mobile providers, insurances, working conditions

and a lot more.

Working Conditions

By law the working hours in Austria are up to 8 hours a day and up to 40 hours a week. Every employee is entitled to 5 weeks of paid vacation a year (25 working days).

Wage is usually paid monthly. Additionally to 12 regular wages, Austrian employees receive two extra salaries, paid in summer (for vacation) and winter (for Christmas).

Find a flat

The best way to find a long-term accommodation is online at or

If you are looking for a flat in or around Dornbirn you can also check the website of Vorarlbergs University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg), where you find cheap rentals, rooms and shared flats.

Nearest Airports

Best international flight connections are to Zurich, Munich or Innsbruck airport. All of these can be reached within 2 hours drive from Vorarlberg and have direct train connections.

Additionally the small airports of Friedrichshafen, Altenrhein and Memmingen are within 1 hour drive from Vorarlberg, whereas the latter is serviced by RyanAir and WizzAir. Altenrhein is located in Switzerland directly at Lake Constance and is the nearest airport to Vorarlberg. It is serviced by People’s Airline with flight direct connections to Vienna, Greece, Spain and Italy.

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