Vorarlberg is located in the far west of Austria and shares borders with three countries: Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein.

Citizens of Vorarlberg enjoy an above-average standard of living and an extraordinary quality of life. The region is situated between three of the world’s most livable cities: Zurich, Munich and Vienna.

Additonally you can reach almost any European metropolis in 2 hours. 2 h drive to Munich, Stuttgart, Zurich or Innsbruck. 2 h flight to London, Stockholm, Paris or Rome.

Building aestethics

Vorarlberg is known for its remarkable architecture scene. In Austria 3% of all home-builders hire an architect to design their homes; in Vorarlberg it is one out of three. Additionally the region has the highest density of wooden houses in the world.

International career options

A high number of international corporations are founded and settled in Vorarlberg, appreciating the local suppliers, the outstanding service niveau, the professional work force and the efficient government structures.

High class culture

The state is famous for its outstanding cultural intiatives (e.g. Bregenz Festival, KUB, Werkraum Bregenzerwald)

Strong economy

Vorarlberg is more industrialized than comparable regions and more diversified when it comes to branches. Therefore its economy is resistant to crises and offers versatile jobs at innovative companies.

Creativity is the key

The density of people working in creative industries in Vorarlberg is similar to that of design meccas such as Hamburg or Copenhagen.

Sports variety

5 different geological zones are stretching over Vorarlberg covering an area of 80 km – only few other regions offer the same variety of landscapes in a smal density like that (e.g. Canada has 6 geological zones allover).

Photo © Weissengruber + Partner für CHANCENLAND VORARLBERG bei S.I.E und Bachmann electronic, Grafiken von WISTO

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