Vorarlberg’s economy is just as diverse at its landscape. A wide range of industries and products foster the region’s economic strength, its crises resistance and the attractivity of career options.

Industrial Base

Vorarlberg is the most industrialized state of Austria. The manufacturing industry accounts for 30% of the region‘s economy, which is far more than in other regions. Local Companies produce most of all metal and machineries, followed by electronics as well as food and beverages.

Hence Vorarlberg is not focused on one sector only. If you want change in your career you can choose from a rich variety of industries and products – from cable cars to environmental technologies, from robotics to chocolate manufacturing, from automotive components to medical surgery tools, from laser technology to IT.

Source WKV 2018: Vorarlbergs Industrieproduktion nach Branchen.

Export champion

Due to its unique location and borders to three countries, Vorarlberg‘s companies are champions in internationalisation and export. Measured in export rates by inhabitants Vorarlberg measures up to the powerful regions of St. Gallen, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

The region’s high export rate is an indicator for high product quality, competitive advantages and efficiency of Vorarlberg‘s businesses.

Source: Statistik Baden-Württemberg, Statistik St. Gallen, Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland, Statistik Bayern, Statistik Austria (2017)

Innovation Expert

Besides great results in industry production and exports, Vorarlberg shows best signs of innovativeness. The region is ranked among the top 10 world‘s most innovative regions worldwide when it comes to PCT patent applications per capita (data of OECD).

After Siemens the Vorarlberg founded firm Julius Blum is the second most successful declarent for patents in Austria, showing the high quality and output of the company‘s R&D.

See our Location brochure for more information about Vorarlberg‘s economy, its companies and culture.

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