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A job that inspires you, a company that promotes your talents and a quality of life that you won’t want to miss again – Vorarlberg has an above-average standard of living and a unique quality of life. That’s why it’s definitely worth settling down here!

Planning to move here?

What it requires and what you need to know:


It’s best to always take along all documents in the original:
Passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s license, car registration, insurance certificates, school certificates and diplomas.

Residence Permit

EU and EEA citizens are allowed to live in Austria for up to three months with a valid passport or ID card and do not need an additional work permit.
For a longer stay, a registration certificate must be applied for at the Bezirkshauptmannschaft (district administration) within four months.

Third-country nationals (non-EU or EEA) who intend to live in Austria for longer than six months need a residence permit and a work permit. more on this

For people from Ukraine there is currently a special arrangement for living and working in Austria. By means of the “Blue Card” it is possible to quickly gain a foothold in the labour market and to begin or continue your studies. more on this 


The easiest way to find an apartment is to search online, e.g. on


In Austria it’s mandatory to register your place of residence. Register at the registration office (usually part of the town hall/municipal office) within three days of moving into your new accommodation.


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Social security and health care system

Once you work full-time, you are covered by social security in Austria and the contributions are automatically deducted from your salary. Social security includes health, accident, unemployment and pension insurance and gives you free access to the excellent health care system in Vorarlberg.

Open your bank account

In order to receive your salary, pay the rent and carry out other money transactions, you need an Austrian bank account. You can open one at any local bank. You will need your passport to open an account.

Need to know more?

Find many helpful tips on administrative matters, residence and work permits, recognition of qualifications and more at