City of Dornbirn

Hiking. Swimming. Strolling – 10 minutes and you’re there!

You are probably nowhere else in the center like in Dornbirn. In 10 minutes you can go from one side to the other, to the water, to the mountain, to the center, to nature. Even the next skiing area is not far away – Adiòs long hours in the car and Hello Bödele!

In summer you have the best view from the Karren – no matter if during the day or at night – Switzerland, Germany and the Rhine valley are clearly visible. If you want, the cable car will take you quickly to the top – but if the sporty spice has taken hold of you, you can also reach your destination on foot in less than an hour. But it’s not just up to the top from Dornbirn: various museums, great events and indoor and outdoor sports opportunities await you.

Find all info about what you can do in Dornbirn.

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View over Dornbirn.

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