Decentralized Efficiency

When hot water needs to travel from the basement to the third floor, it loses a significant amount of temperature along the way. As a result, more than twice the amount of water needs to be heated for one liter to arrive at the right temperature upstairs.

Daniel Rupp addresses this energy waste with his start-up REKS. In Hard, he develops and manufactures the 2.0 version of the tile stove. Kandela is connected to district heating, natural gas, or air heat and ensures decentralized, hygienic, transparent, and efficient hot water, heating, and possibly cooling in each residential unit.

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Text by Manuela de Pretis, WISTO for the December Edition of the Business Magazine Thema Vorarlberg (Read online at, in German only)

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It is impressive where Vorarlberg companies have left their mark worldwide.

Vorarlberg Expertise Abroad

Martin Nigsch developed an intelligent document capture system in his start-up Feld, which uses artificial intelligence to find the right content based on user queries.

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At Eberle Automatische Systeme, AI opens the door to the underground garage using innovative facial recognition, even if you arrive by bicycle.

Where AI Opens the Door
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