SERVO-DRIVE Smart by Julius Blum

When the cabinets in the kitchen open by themselves, it’s not science fiction, but an innovation from Blum. With SERVO-DRIVE smart, the hardware manufacturer is making kitchen furniture controllable by voice assistant, among other things. In addition to electrical appliances such as coffee machines, dishwashers and televisions, furniture is now also becoming intelligent and making our everyday lives easier.

In Höchst, a concept study was created that links the SERVO-DRIVE opening support system with common smart home platforms and voice assistants. Until now, SERVO-DRIVE has opened drawers and flaps by lightly tapping on them, but with the smart version, this is now possible without contact.

Then, for example, the voice command “salad bowl” opens the correct pull-out drawer, or the command “empty dishwasher” opens all the necessary cupboards for storing glasses, plates and cutlery.

This is made possible by a specially developed gateway that is coupled to the SERVO-DRIVE electric drives. This gateway establishes a connection to the cloud and thus makes the kitchen cabinets network-compatible and thus smart. Users can then easily network their cabinets themselves intelligently according to their individual needs and wishes.

In addition to the kitchen, SERVO-DRIVE smart can also be used in other rooms. So that drawers and flaps in the bathroom, dressing room or living room also open and close on voice command. Blum’s development team has been working since 2019 on the production-ready implementation of the concept study with all its possibilities and functions. A date for the market launch has not yet been set.

(c) Alexandra Folie, WISTO
(c) Alexandra Folie, WISTO
(c) Alexandra Folie, WISTO
(c) Alexandra Folie, WISTO
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