From Upper Austria to Vorarlberg

From September 2018 to February 2019, I completed a five-month internship at Getzner Textil AG in Bludenz. I worked in personnel development and was finally able to put into practice the knowledge I had acquired during my economics studies in Innsbruck.

Right from the start, I was given a lot of responsibility. My task was to develop an eLearning concept for the company – mainly for all employees in Bludenz. After initial uncertainties, I quickly outgrew myself and was able to score points with my structured way of working. Thanks to my mentors at Getzner I quickly grew with my tasks. After finishing my first project, I had the chance to work with the HR manager to develop a new HR strategy. Getzner took my education and focus into account – I had already studied strategic management in my bachelor’s degree.

In addition to very interesting and in-depth discussions, in which I was able to contribute my skills from school to the project, I felt appreciated and valued at eye level. As I learned from later conversations, some of my inputs were not only listened to, but also implemented directly afterwards.

(c) Jens Ellensohn
(c) Muehlbacher Rupert
(c) Marcel Hagen
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