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As an independent company within the family-run Heron Group based in Austria, we have specialised entirely in machining production. Our services include the production of prototypes as well as series parts. On the most modern 5-axis machining centres, we produce parts by multi-sided machining in one clamping with simultaneous movement of all axes in one operation - for an optimal result with 100% adherence to delivery dates and adapted to the customer's needs. We also carry out all surface treatments on individual request.


The focus is on people
In addition to the high technical standards of the products, the Heron Group pays special attention to the development of its employees and the promotion of their personalities. The Heron Group recognised very early on that only those employees can initiate or allow changes who are also prepared to change themselves. Therefore, it is particularly important to the company that the development of the employees is promoted with highly interesting and often unconventional development tools.
Facts on the topic of employees":
1997 Heron opens the children's group "Löwenzahn und Seidenpfote" (Dandelion and Silk Paw) - the first company kindergarten in the whole of Vorarlberg.
Projects: "Kinder in die Technik" (Children into Technology), aim: to get primary school children excited about technology!
Promotion of dyslexics

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Prototyping, steel and aluminium parts




Machinery & Plant Engineering


Florian Bösch
Dr. Walter Zumtobel Straße 2
6850 Dornbirn

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