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OBRIST Engineering is an Austrian company with more than 25 years of experience in the development of automotive powertrain systems, waste heat recovery, and thermal management systems. We have extended our technological lead in mobile applications based on the natural refrigerant R744.

In 2011, OBRIST Powertrain was founded as a natural extension of OBRIST Engineering, which had been working on eco-friendly thermal management solutions since 1996.

Our proprietary HyperHybrid® powertrain can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of worldwide mobility or operate with “zero emissions” when using e-methanol as a fuel. Our plug-in hybrid electric powertrain solution boasts maximum energy efficiency – thanks to its smart and simple design that incorporates a multitude of functions.

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compressors, components, automotive powertrain systems, waste heat recovery, thermal management systems




Energy & Environmental Technology


Gerda Obrist
Rheinstrasse 26-27
6890 Lustenau

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