Drexel und Weiss GmbH

Housing Technology
  • Environmental/Energy Technology
Josias F. Gasser
Achstraße 42
6922 Wolfurt
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Drexel und Weiss is a world leading expert in passive house technology. The company develops and produces energy-efficient ventilation units and heat pumps for passive and zero-energy buildings. In 1996 it has developed the first compact climate device suitable for passive houses, which shows the company's pioneering spirit.
  • With its x² series the company also offers compact devices, that heat, air, cool and provide warm water for buildings with a higher heating demands (7 to 9 kW heat performance), e. g. for large low-energy buildings or renovated homes.
  • In Austria and Germany customers can buy Drexel und Weiss products from their installation expert.
  • The company has already been voted as one of the Top 15 best Austrian employers from Great Place to Work Institute and was awarded as familly-friendly company from the state Vorarlberg.
  • Drexal and Weiss has built the energy system of the Austrian house for the Olympic Games 2010 in Canada, which is known as showcase project for energy efficiency and sustainability.
Working Areas
  • Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Technology
  • Mechatronics

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