LCS Cable Cranes

cable crane systems, material ropeways, pipeline construction, winch construction, drive systems
  • Transport and Logistics
Helene Lang
Industriestraße 8
6832 Sulz
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LCS Cable Cranes GmbH is specialised in worldwide transport solutions in rough terrain. Ropeways, winches and other components of the GANTNER brand are used to build cable crane systems in the mountains, through jungles or over rivers. In addition, GANTNER develops shaft winches, saftey winches and rescue winches. The winch technology is also used on the ECCON brand for drive systems for retractable roofs over stadium or event venues. A comprehensive service in the construction of pipelines in difficult terrain offers the LCS Pipelines GmbH - again by means of cable crane systems. Together the brands GANTNER & ECCON, and LCS Cable Cranes GmbH and LCS Pipelines GmbH form the LCS GROUP.
  • LCS systems reach payloads of over 20 tons - therefore all kind of heavy machinery and material - e.g. high volumes of concrete and large diameter pipes for penstock constructions can be transported through steep areas, over rivers, lakes and valleys.
  • LCS has realised projects all over the world.
  • Clients of LCS include companies such as STRABAG, Vorarlberger Illwerke, CPP and many others.
  • LCS cable crane systems and material-ropeways were used among others in Sochi, for the construction of new ski-lifts for the Olympic Games 2014, in Canada - for penstock constructions, in Myanmar - at special points of new pipelines, in Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Croatia, Italy and many other countries.
  • In 2014 LCS has installed the material-ropeway in the Vorarlberger valley Montafon for the construction of the hydro power plant Obervermuntwerk II.
  • In 2009 LCS received a prestigious award thanks to our innovative products, solutions and developments of cable crane-systems and special machines. The International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association awarded LCS for its innovation on the carriage GSK160.
Additional Information
  • The team at LCS Group consists of staff with many years of experience combined with younger employees. This mixture simultaneously secure consistency, reliability and innovation; three of the core factors of the success at an international level.
  • The dynamic team is working on interesting and challenging topics and assures that the international projects can be implemented in a safe, successful and smooth way on technical, operative and commercial levels.
Working Areas
  • Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Other Jobs
  • Other technical Jobs
  • Project Management

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