Schmid Group

Conveying Technolgy/Pasta Machinery
  • Metal and Machinery
  • Transport and Logistics
Christian Schmid
Römerstraße 84
6811 Göfis
Applications please
The company develops and manufactures conveying and lift technology as well as pasta machines for worldwide clients. 150 table lifts are produced annually, a part of them custom-built, like the 16-tons-table lift for the avation with a platform of 7 metres length. Additionally the company distributes machinery for producing all kinds of noodels (pasta) around the globe.
  • Schmid provides innovative conveying technology for companies such as Julius Blum, Flatz, Sapa and Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach.
  • 60 % of the plants and products produced in Göfis are sold abroad.
  • In the field of conveying technology Schmid develops pallet, assembly, long-load and heavy-duty conveying systems as well as packaging and picking equipment.
  • In the field of lift technology Schmid offers hydraulic scissor table lifts, flat table lifts, pedestal table lifts, installation table lifts, heavy-duty tilt tables and pallet lifts.
Working Areas
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Production Technology

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