SIMMA electronic GmbH

3 Mio €
Batch-Controls and Software for the Construction Industry
  • Construction and Crafts
  • Electrical Industry
Gerbe 1135
6863 Egg
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Ususally building materials companies have to use different software and hardware products for their business processes, SIMMA electronic has realised an intergrated, scalable solution for these companies. The Concrete Management System is already used worldwide and combines sales software, production controlling, car pool monitoring, billing and more relevant processes.
  • SIMMA has realised projects such as the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, which had very high requirements on the concrete quality, so that it was necessary to weigh single materials very precisly, control the temperature of the conrete very kindly and keep up with the required concrete consistency.
  • Via GPRS-bord panels the software of SIMMA localizes cars in the pool of a company and therefore use them effiienctly
  • Every single module of SIMMA works independently and can be connected to all common corporate systems without problems.
  • 90 % export ratio is realised by the company.
  • 90 % of its turnover is made by software development, only 10 % are realised through hardware components.
Working Areas
  • Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Hardware Development
  • Information Technology

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