TIP Technik und Informatik Partner GmbH

Software and hardware solutions
  • Information Technology
Rainer Jochum
Bildgasse 18a
6850 Dornbirn
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The success of a company does not only depend on the performance of its products. The quality of the service and the overall customer relations are decisive. We regard all our customers, suppliers and employees as valuable partners. As an experienced and high-performance IT specialist in the three business areas of Human Resources, Data Management and IT Services, we contribute professional competence and technical know-how to this partnership. Beyond the value of the economic factors, we want our customers to experience us as competent, reliable and friendly at all levels. In this way, the many individual services are combined to form a valuable whole.
  • Three business segments:
  • - Data Management 360
  • Effective data management understands the processes within a company and uses them for business success. Data management tools from TIP cover the entire value chain (ERP), the analysis, preparation and further processing of existing data (ODM), as well as the support and automation of recurring business processes (workflow).
  • - Human Resources 360
  • We also deal intensively with questions and tasks that focus on personal data. The entire identity life cycle includes the collection, maintenance, analysis, processing and display of information relevant to personnel administration and personnel management.
  • - IT Services 360
  • The process flows of modern companies are based on EDP solutions in which the components software, hardware, operating system, network and database should form a functioning unit. High service quality is our continuous and consistent claim.
Working Areas
  • Hardware Development
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Other technical Jobs
  • Project Management
  • Software Development & -testing

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