Sommer GmbH

Environmental Measuring Devices
  • Electrical Industry
Straßenhäuser 27
6842 Koblach
Applications please
The company develops measuring stations and devices for the early detection of natural hazards such as avalanches and floods. The risks can be measured at their beginning. The snow measuring devices for example captures all relevant measuring data such as height, density and liquid water. The data can be viewed in the Internet and via mobile phone. Products by SOMMER are also used in Antarctica.
  • The devices are used by municipalities, operators of cable cars, water power suppliers, scientists, institutions and so on.
  • The company supplies its product to 23 countries all over the globe.
  • The devices are especially important to those countries that have shortage of water.
  • With radar technology Sommer devices measure velocity, water level and discharge of rivers, open channels and anals non-contact.
  • Scientists use a complex Sommer measuring station in Antarctica to analyse the effects of snow on the frozen ground (i. e. perma frost), in accordance to climate change.
Working Areas
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Mechatronics
  • Other Jobs
  • Other technical Jobs
Career Chances
  • Dual Study Program
  • Project or Thesis
  • Summer Job

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