V-Research GmbH

R&D in Digital Engineering, Tribo Design and Photonics
  • Miscellaneous
Michaela Kartnaller
Stadtstraße 33
6850 Dornbirn
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  • Strengthening the economy through innovative research and customer-oriented solutions
  • We are an extramural centre of excellence for applied research, development and innovation in the technological-industrial sector. Our activities are aimed at meeting the complex challenges of the economy as well as at ensuring our contribution to the further development of society on a non-profit basis. Together with our customers as partners, we achieve set goals in a solution-oriented and effective manner. V-Research is characterized by the use of the latest methods from the fields of data science and computer-aided optimization, as well as sophisticated methodological approaches in the fields of digital engineering, photonics and tribo design.
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Working Areas
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Other technical Jobs
  • Physics & Photonics
  • Production Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Software Development & -testing

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