Weider Wärmepumpen GmbH

2.9 Mio €
Heat Pumps
  • Environmental/Energy Technology
Daniel Rupp
Oberer Achdamm 4, Gebiet Ost
6971 Hard
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Weider is the only company in Vorarlberg, which develops and produces heat pumps for the use of groundwater as well as for geothermal probs and horizontal heat exchanger. The company has developed the most efficiant heat pump in Europe, that can heat a family house for only 190 € a year. And in 1977 Weider Wärmepumpen was one of the first companies in Europe, who manufactured heat pumps at all. Today the company is one of the leading producer of heat pumps.
  • A few years ago Weider has also included air-heating pumps and geothermal energy baskets in their portfolio.
  • The air-heating pumps of Weider produce 4 times more heat than they need electricity
  • The geothermal energy baskets are a lot cheaper in use, because they only need to be buried 3.5 metres deep, not 100 metres like geothermal probs.
  • 85 % of funded family homes in Vorarlberg use heat pumps today
  • Technology of Weider is now also used to efficiantly heat rail switches in trainstations, e.g. in St. Petersburg
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  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Technology
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