Bachmann electronic GmbH

62 Mio €
Automation Technology
  • Electrical Industry
  • Environmental/Energy Technology
Kreuzäckerweg 33
6800 Feldkirch
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Bachmann electronic, a global automation company with headquarters based in Feldkirch, Austria, has been optimizing customer productivity and profit for 50 years. Bachmann is a recognized industry leader, providing the highest quality and reliability in automation hardware and software for wind & renewable energy, industry, machinery and maritime markets. Open and flexible communication standards, integrated machine health monitoring and web-based visualization are just part of the total solution Bachmann offers its customers. Continuous innovation and accumulated engineering know-how safeguard success and build trusted partnerships between Bachmann and its customers for generations to come.
  • Bachmann operates subsidiaries in China, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, US, India and Czech Republic.
  • The company\\\'s core business fields are: 1) wind power plants, 2) renewable energies, 3) mechanical engineering and 4) maritime applications.
  • The company has managed to win the largest contract in the wind sector ever and will develop condition monitoring systems for 1.300 wind turbines with a total volume of about 10 million euro.
  • Also cruise, passenger and container ships worldwide use technology of Bachmann electronic in order to become more secure and efficient. The technology monitors the ships transmission and its movable parts wire- and contactless with no need for a battery 24/7 and is therefore able to identify defaults early.
Additional Information
The Condition Monitoring System from Bachmann electronic continuously records the condition of wind turbine components, identifying potential damage at an early stage. As an example, even re-mote, offshore wind power plants can be easily monitored from the mainland. Any irregularities indi-cated by the data can be handled very quickly. This significantly reduces downtime, maintenance costs and repairs. Bachmann has now been revolutionizing the wind turbine market since 2016. With the GIO (General Input/Output) module, another new development from Bachmann, the same mod-ule can be used for a wide variety of applications. When faced with complex topics, the development team identifies simple solutions. The GIO module processes essential automation functions quickly and easily. Using software, customers can change the function of the GIO module at any time, reducing maintenance times and lowering storage costs.

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